MariaDB vs Microsoft SQL Server vs. MySQL Comparison

Later on, they were fully merged into Oracle, terminating the original company. In 2006, Oracle bought off the creators of Berkeley DB, provider of another, less important BDB storage engine. Many in the MySQL community wanted to add features that would make using even a free version of Oracle obsolete.

what is mariadb vs mysql

MariaDB is behind – ninth among the relational databases and fourteenth overall. Another reason behind the fork was to keep the project “open” in the sense of it being a community-driven project (like WordPress), whose direction and development are open just like its license. If we take a look at the commit log, it is easy to conclude that most of the MySQL code comes from in-house developers. Oracle’s developers give thanks to occasional and notable contributions from the community, for example, but that is far from the MariaDB’s openness and far from what MySQL used to be.


It provides ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) compliance, a set of database operations that ensure database transactions are processed accurately even when unexpected errors occur. It is worth noting that Percona Server for MySQL is a drop-in compatible branch of MySQL, where Percona contributes as much as possible upstream. They cherry-picked MySQL features and don’t guarantee drop-in compatibility any longer.

The upside is that this can mean better security, software stability, and a tailored customer support experience. However, one significant downside is that releasing new features in organizations that big takes a lot of time. MySQL is under the corporate umbrella of the biggest commercial database vendor in the world. With so many full-time engineers working around the clock to develop premium new features, we already have some points where they diverge.

Community and License

However, the differences between the variants are not significant as they use the same syntax, and basic functionality also remains the same. Looking back in MariaDB Server’s family tree, we find its ancestor, MySQL Server. There are multiple MariaDB versions available on the platform, including MariaDB 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6. Using WordPress with MariaDB can lead to faster website loading times, which can significantly improve the user experience for visitors to your website. This is due to its more optimized query optimizer and its ability to handle more concurrent connections.

what is mariadb vs mysql

On the upside, features and bug fixes are released more frequently. On the other side, managing those MariaDB servers requires more updates to keep them up to do date at all times. Some features, like time-delayed replication that were present in MySQL since 2013, only make an appearance in MariaDB Server in 2017! (Refer to the MariaDB Server 10.2 Overview for more.) However, it is also worth noting some features such as multi-source replication appeared in MariaDB Server 10.0 first, and only then came to MySQL 5.7. Percona Server for MySQL 5.6 and 5.7 are based on their respective MySQL versions.

MariaDB vs. MySQL and EnterpriseDB

MySQL has a high level of compatibility, but does not support PL/SQL. This means that applications and scripts written for MySQL should work with MariaDB without any significant changes. Some organizations prefer the enterprise support that mariandb development MySQL offers. However, MariaDB has only supported JSON data types since version 10.2. MariaDB supports JSON_QUERY and JSON_EXISTS, while MySQL doesn’t. Similarly, MySQL supports the native JSON data type JSON_TABLE that MariaDB does not.

what is mariadb vs mysql

WordPress with MariaDB provides enhanced security features, some of the features that MariaDB offers include data-at-rest encryption, improved authentication methods, and enhanced auditing capabilities. However, MariaDB is the only open-source database compatible with Oracle Database stored procedures, sequences, data types, and more. Strengthen your online security with Cloudways database management system to get a stronger & improved framework for privacy and security policies enforcement.

Como mudar os bancos de dados do MySQL para o MariaDB

MariaDB, on the other hand, usually catches up when it comes to premium additions but that is not always immediate and there are no guarantees. The whole point of MariaDB’s fork of MySQL (named after Widenius’ daughter) was to secure the future access to MySQL and its further development. This is why MariaDB was conceived as a full binary replacement — a “drop-in” replacement, so to say — enabling all users of MySQL to exchange one for the other on their systems. MySQL counterbalances the database connectivity with its wide range of connections.

  • Being relational database management systems, MySQL and MariaDB both support SQL.
  • And it’s the primary relational database for many popular websites, applications, and commercial products.
  • One of the clearest advantages of MySQL is its long presence on the market.
  • However, MySQL stores JSON documents as binary objects, while MariaDB keeps them as strings.
  • Explore our comprehensive features and support with Percona Server for MySQL and Percona Distribution for MySQL.
  • One disadvantage of MySQL is its performance limitations when dealing with large datasets or complex queries.

Lastly, MySQL is easy-to-use and customizable – it features multiple user interfaces to cater to different preferences. Backed by the Oracle Corporation, MySQL offers excellent compatibility. It is supported by most hosting providers and over 20 operating systems, making it platform-independent.

MariaDB vs MySQL

They offer enterprise support for production systems, with 24/7 availability. MySQL and MariaDB are both open source relational databases with comparable structure and functionality. But because Oracle owns MySQL, many users find themselves on a fast track to vendor-lock in with other proprietary solutions, such as Oracle Cloud and Oracle Heatwave. By contrast, MariaDB prioritizes flexibility and freedom for users. Our open source relational database started as a fork of MySQL and maintains protocol compatibility with MySQL. Our database experts – including the original core MySQL team – bring the best of database technology without vendor lock-in.

what is mariadb vs mysql

MySQL being the old and the original RDBMS has the potential to develop more features compared to MariaDB. The developers are working immensely to make a move faster and mould internal architecture well. Users of MariaDB will need to utilize the
MariaDB command-line editor that supports basic database operations. MariaDB Server performs many of the same functions as MySQL while constantly innovating on new features. As a result, our database solution is commonly recognized as the “M” in the LAMP stack.

System Properties Comparison MariaDB vs. Microsoft SQL Server vs. MySQL

MariaDB Server does include contributions like the MyRocks engine developed at Facebook, but so does Percona Server for MySQL. Oracle accepts contributions from a long list of contributors, including Percona. Developed in the mid-90s., MySQL was one of the first open-source database available in the market.