Want to Learn FX Trading, Read Books written by Overseas FX traders

Learn FX Trading

I read various books when I was a beginner at FX. I’ve been reading various books since I found a book that earned 200,000 yen a month on FX while I was a housewife, but I feel that there were a lot of methods and technically-oriented books.

After reading all the FX books sold in Japan, I started reading books written by foreign traders. I feel that many books written by overseas traders have more than half of their mentality compared to books written by domestic traders.

When you are a beginner in FX, you tend to choose books that contain only techniques, but as you gain experience in trading, you will find that managing your mentality is very important. Also, FX beginners think about how to make money, but advanced people seem to pay attention to how to avoid losing. In short, I am thinking about the opposite of FX beginners, and it seems that mental is more important than trading methods in the trade.

I think it is difficult to learn the mentality of FX, but books that pursue psychology related to market prices are also on sale, and you can also read several books on ideas for continuing to win a trade. It is recommended.

FX beginners have a strong desire to trade quickly, and most of them do not have time to learn how to be a trader. Like me, if you were reading a book like this when you were a beginner in FX, you might think that your grades were different.

In addition, such books are sold for about 2500-3000 yen, so it is more expensive than books written by domestic traders, but I thought it would be worth buying even if you pay high money. If you read one or two FX books per month while trading, your trading skills will definitely improve, and once you read it, you will forget it over time, so it is recommended to read it repeatedly is. By the way, the contents are not difficult even with a book written by an overseas trader.

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